The good, the bad, and the ugly

Spent the night leading up to India’s independance day hacking code (for the un-educated – hacking is good, cracking is bad) to get my favourite IM of choice gaim to show the Indian Flag when you sent the correct smiley in Yahoo, a la the Indian version of Yahoo Messenger. Took me till 4 a.m., but finally got it right.

That was quite an achievement for me, since I don’t know C, so was clueless on where to even look (turned out to be quite simple, actually).

That was good.

Slept through till noon (with a minor interreption from Mrinal who buzzed to say that he would be coming over in the evening).

Towards evening, Mrinal showed up, complete with a cold that made him look like he had a hangover (or was it a hangover that made it look like he had a cold? I guess we will never know ;) . The problem with his guitar was a simple one to identify, so we decided that he could do it himself, and we proceeded to practice some songs.

Turns out that I had a massive sinusitis coming up, which seemed to affect my sense of timing – can you imagine my going out of beat on “Wish you were here”????

Man, that was bad!

Late in the night, checked slashdot to read that Wil Wheaton (known to the Startrek world as “Wesley Crusher”) had been cut out of (what can be assumed to be) the last Startrek movie (Nemesis). What a complete downer! I feel for the guy. He has never denied the fact that he had missed being on StarTrek:TNG, and was so full of joy being on the last movie. And now this.

That was outright ugly.

And he is such a caring guy, too!

This is so sad. :-(