What a (non) trip! :-(

Ah well, weekend trip didn’t work out. No accomodation anywhere. Moved destination to Yercaud – no joy there, either. Called off the trip.

So what will I do this weekend? Back then, my mom would have probably said “Clean up your room, of course!”. Thankfully, those days are behind me – I am neither that young anymore (sniffle!), nor do I have a room of my own!

Hmmm, I think I know what I will do this weekend – make myself a room…..

On another front – found three great articles on switching to Linux – on the same day! Check out Byte, CIO and CRN. Good stuff!

My whacky thing for the day is turning my camera into an MP3 player. I own a Kodak DC290 digital camera. It runs the Digita OS, which allows me to write scripts for it, plus lots of applications available as well. Among them games and an MP3 player! It isn’t the greatest sound quality on earth, but it sure is zany and an attention getter! ;-)

Got this thing off Wil Wheaton’s site. He thinks it is amazing, and I agree.