Rockito Ergo Sum :)

Heh – cool!

My favourite little rock band – Phenom, just announced that they are going to play one of their most important gigs ever: they are performing at the Airtel Radiocity Live, Chapter 1 concert on February 26th, in Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

Why is this an important gig for Phenom? Because for the first time, they are hearing their name announced almost every hour on the radio – Radiocity 91FM. Promos are running (click here for a sample), and the publicity is going to be intense.

The other group playing that day is no slouch either – Thermal and a Quarter – another group I follow semi-religiously.

Nothing is going to keep me from being at Cubbon Park on the 26th. I missed Phenom’s gigs in January because I had to travel, but I scratched *everything* this time to make sure that I am here for this.

For those who came in late – go check out Phenom’s website – download some of their songs, you will see why I like them.