The Force is strong with this one…

I sit here, looking at a neat pile of pieces of green paper.

There are 15 of them. On their own, they are not very impressive.

I lean over slightly to read the text written on them – they say “Vaibhav”, and various other technical terms, such as DOLBY Digital Surrounded, DTS Sound, Airconditioned (YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!), and today’s date and the words “Second Show” (9:30pm).

When I touch one of them, the sense of rushing midochlorians hits you.

The Force is strong with this one.

Strong enough to break an 17 year old self-imposed exile from movie theatres.

It was exactly 17 years ago (in May 1988) that I last saw a movie in a theatre.

But tonight, at 9:30pm, the irresistable pull of The Force will drag me 200 metres across the street to the Vaibhav Theatre, where 14 close friends and family and I will take in the final part of the Star Wars saga.

It has been a long wait – I hope it was worth it.