On last Thursday, I was a panelist at a conclave organised by the Project Management Institute, which was quite fun – especially when one of the panelists (Partha from Mindtree) decided to stand up for the rights of hapless project managers who get theblame if things go wrong.

Unfortunately, I had to leave a little later because of a crisis I needed to resolve, but I am glad that I went to the function – met many interesting people.

On Thursday, the 10th, I am off on a short tour. On the 11th, I will be giving a couple of talks at my alma mater, the Gogte Institute of Technology in Belgaum. I have not been to my old hometown in almost 8 years, and in the meanwhile, the college has moved to different premises. This is going to be a mind-bender of an experience. :)

On the 12th, I head to Mumbai, to attend the BarCamp Mumbai, which is being held on the 13th at the KReSIT/IITB. I hope to have as much fun there as I had at BarCamp Chennai, where I spoke about Mobile Computing (see short video here).

In other news, the managers of Linux Bangalore/FOSS.IN decided to put out a statement about things that needed clarification.

There have been some bad news as well, but I will keep them for an independent post.