The morning after…

Spent much of the day today fixing embarrassing goofs in yesterday’s entry (“Greenhouse”??? What was I thinking? And I didn’t name the whole band lineup?) If you thought I was asleep at the wheel when I wrote the entry – you were right. :-(

To make up for all the hard work, I added a rant as well – so if you read yesterday’s entry before I updated it, read it again. ;-)

This morning was spent processing the video and the pictures of the show. Since it was a holiday, I didn’t do it in office. Found out that Anjali’s machine didn’t have enough disk space free for a Linux capture (the Linux tools I have require an initial capture to AVI, then compression to MPEG, which takes tons of initial space). Gritted my teeth and used some 30 day evaluation Windows tools to capture them, using a TV capture card we had in the lab (and which I had liberated from there a while back).

The reason for the Windows tools was because they compress to MPEG on the fly, requiring storage space only for the final MPEG. The downside is, of course, much lower quality. I will have to recapture again tomorrow when I have more civilised disk space available – like 100GB (if Shanu wasn’t in office over the weekend, which he wasn’t) or about 10 GB (if he gets to office before me).

Mrinal dropped in this afternoon to return some gear, and to show me his damaged guitar. Found that his bridge has some sharp burrs in the string slots, causing even a new set of strings to snap within minutes at any tension. Unforgivable. If it was up to me, I’d take the manufacturer behind the barn and shoot him. I hope he gets a replacement.

Watched the gig video with him. Watched him blush ;-) But it was with pride – and I grant him that it was well-earned.

Naturally, the afternoon quickly turned into a jam session. The newly cleaned area in the garage quickly got messed up with bunches of cable, equipment, guitars and stuff floating around. To add to the fun, Sony landed up too. Our mixer got more workout ;-)

Nothing much to do afterwards. Watched some TV. Frasier was hilarious, Chicago hope was sniffly. That new Star World promo ad (the full length “Absolutely Everybody”) rocks with an attitude. Gillian Anderson’s mildly baffled, yet cheeky look turned me on. Heck – anything Gillian Anderson turns me on!

I wonder who the singers of that promo song (“Absolutely Everybody”) are. Nice catchy, peppy number. Got to get that CD.

Got to sign off – some diary-junkie is bugging me about releasing today’s update so that he can go home ;-)

Update 23:31PM: Woah, that was fast! “Absolutely Everybody” is a song by Vanessa Amorosi (Thanks, Rick!), and MIDI and MP3s are floating around on the web! Google it!

Update 23:49PM: OK, “Vanessa Amorosi – The Power” album ordered from FabMart. Us MP3 users are honest folks. If we like it, we buy it.