and .net

Small victory for me, more of a sentimental thing than anything else, but as of 31-Mar-2003, the domains and are finally mine!

Someone had registered them many years ago, before it struck me that there was some brandvalue for these names.

Well, looks like he either forgot to renew them this year, or just gave up on being able to sell them, but I grabbed them, and won’t let them go. ;-)

For those of you who don’t know why these domains are so important to me – “COMversations” was the name of my column in PCQuest from January 1993 to December 1996. Some of those articles you can see here.

Now let me see what I can do with them. Maybe I should start writing again, but then PCQuest isn’t a platform I can see myself on any more. Dataquest is too corporate and policy oriented. And Computers@Home caters to an audience that doesn’t dig deep tech.

Maybe some other publication would be interested in my style of writing and the kind of topics I like addressing.

We will see.