Help (again) – Bridgestone Ad

Three years ago, I had put out a plea for help when I was looking for a song – the song used in a Bridgestone Tyres advertisement on TV.

This was the text of the diary entry:

Help! That new Bridgestone tyres advertisement jingle is stuck in my head! The one that shows a car driving down a long and winding road, and starts with “On and on …”.

Is that a real song? Or is it just an ad jingle? If it is a real song, can anyone tell me what the song is, who sang it, where are the lyrics, what CD is it on and is there an MP3 available?

Help, that thing is stuck in my head and won’t let go!

Three years later, I *still* have not found it, but because of my diary entry, I get at least 2-3 queries every month about it, thanks to Google.

Is there *anyone* out there who can help? Do you know what that song is? If you do, please let me know, so that I can get back to all these people and put them (and me) out of misery.

Many many thanks in advance!

[Update] No, I have not yet found the info, but here are the lyrics of that part of the song:

“On and on and on we go
Ride that bumpy path just take it nice and slow
Head for the highest moon
Sing a simple tune
On the long eternal road”