BLUG meet this Saturday

[BLUG] And so we have another BLUG meet this Saturday (the 25th of March). Details are here.

This meet will be different, because after a long time, technical talks return to the BLUG meets, albeit in a very different from those in 2003/2004.

Instead of long, complicated and detailed talks, these will be short (15 minute) talks, that will rapidly cover some FOSS technology or product. The purpose is two-fold:

1. Identify potential speakers for future external BLUG events
2. Spread some FOSS tech lovin’ :)

The first one is sorely needed. Too many people these days assume that just because they can boot of a Linux CD, they are great and effective speakers. In fact, they can achieve quite the opposite – by speaking ineffectively, and getting your facts wrong, you can actually harm your cause more than support it. We have had plenty of examples of that in recent times.

The idea is to get new blood into the speaking stream, and make sure they are effective. We will be doing that by discussing each talk after it completes, not just in terms of content, but also in terms of delivery.

The second one is what the BLUG is all about, after all. :)

If you have never attended a BLUG meet before, maybe you should consider coming to this one. It’s all very informal, and lots of fun.

As always, there are no formalities – just show up. Details are on the announcement page.

p.s. The logo you see on the top right of this post is *not* the official BLUG logo – it is just one I like :) There are lots more to choose from here. As with the FOSS.IN logo, this one too is designed by friend Harikrishnan.