Things don’t always work out…

I regret to announce that for various reasons, we have had to cancel the workshop on the 25th of August.

We have already initiated full refund of workshop fees to all registered attendees, and it will be processed within the next 48 hours.

The reason for the cancellation is both bad timing and technical:

  1. What we had not realised was that, given that August 15th was bang in the middle of the week, MANY people would be taking off starting from August 11th. And given that the 19th was ALSO a holiday (albeit a restricted one), a number of people were simply away from work (and hence unreachable) from Aug 11th to 19th – the primary marketing period for the event. Social media channels were completely dead. And, because 19th was a restricted a holiday, a lot of people are working on Aug 25th as a compensatory work day for taking a holiday on the 19th. This resulted in very few registrations.
  2. Despite the low number of registrations, we decided to go ahead with the event. However, today we found out that the required Internet bandwidth (crucial to the running of the event) would not be available to us at the venue. An Internet workshop without Internet bandwidth seemed illogical to us, and we finally decided to cancel.

I deeply regret this, more so because I really looked forward to interacting with people at the workshop and solving their problems, and I thank everyone who had signed up for their interest. Hopefully, we will be able to organise this workshop in Bangalore sometime soon.

In the meanwhile, we are still making plans to take the workshop to other cities in the near future, and I will keep you posted when things firm up (SOLIDLY this time!)