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FOSS.IN/2012 Early Bird Discounts End On Sunday!

Have you checked out the latest on FOSS.IN? The speaker list is up (check out, and delegates are registering in droves. Currently, you can save Rs.1000 if you register by Sunday night – just Rs.1500/head. From Monday, full rates apply. So hurry – go to and book your place at the FOSS & [...]

If You Are A FOSS.IN Speaker…

In case you missed it: the first lot of FOSS.IN speakers has been announced. This is a raw list, and will change as some speakers drop out, while others get added once their talks are fine tuned.

What About FOSS.IN?

During last Saturday’s Team FOSS.IN meeting, we were reviewing some of the mail we had received, and found a number of mails asking a question that went something like this: “Since Atul is ill, and since FOSS.IN is basically his baby, is the event happening at all?” The answer to this is simple, and most [...]

Public Statement About My Health

I am releasing this statement in order to address the rumours and questions floating around about my health. In August, I was diagnosed with advanced intestinal cancer, that had affected my liver as well. This, of course, came as a great shock to my family and me, and we needed time to get to terms [...]

Things don’t always work out…

I regret to announce that for various reasons, we have had to cancel the workshop on the 25th of August. We have already initiated full refund of workshop fees to all registered attendees, and it will be processed within the next 48 hours. The reason for the cancellation is both bad timing and technical:

The Rise Of The Tablets

Suddenly, a huge light went on over my head. I now understood, better than ever, why the iPad (and tablets in general) had succeeded where the PC had failed.

RIP, Kenneth “lawgon” Gonsalves

From the FOSS.IN website Kenneth Gonsalves, known to the FOSS world as “lawgon”, passed away on 03-Aug-2012. This is a huge loss to the Indian FOSS community, a cause he had always championed. And it is a particularly great loss to the python development community, where he played a role both as a champion and [...]

What Problem Are You Solving?

Unless you can clearly state what ​repetitive​ problem you are solving for the user, you aren’t building a product – you are just massaging your programming ego.