About This Website

This website is my (Atul Chitnis) personal home on the web. It is by and about me, my family, my friends, my hobbies, my music and in general things that interest me. It very specifically is not about my company or my work. If you need to know more about my professional life, please visit my professional website


This site contains stuff I write, think or otherwise create. It does not represent stuff you write, think or otherwise create. It represents my opinions. It is possible that these clash with yours. If you feel that this is unfair, tough luck. This is what the web is all about – the ability to put up a place in cyberspace and call it “mine”. You are free to put up your own site and call it “yours”.


This site does not collect private information other than my own. If you respect my privacy, I will respect yours.


This site uses a combination of HTML and PHP code that I hand coded myself. Other than standard stuff that ships with a decent Linux distribution, I have used no external code (especially not any “Instant Website” applications).

I have switched to WordPress for my site content management. For years, I used a homebrew system, but one has to learn to let go and move on :)


While you are welcome to read stuff posted here (except areas that are specifically marked as private), please be aware that anything and everything on this site is subject to my own personal whims and fancies. There are no guarantees of accuracy.

In fact, there are no guarantees at all. Period.


Unless specifically stated, everything on this site is

Copyright © 1962-2011 Atul Chitnis. All Rights Reserved.

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