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Meet my new companion…

Ever since I got diagnosed with cancer in August 2012, I have been acutely aware of the fact that professionally, things were going to change dramatically for me. While I intend to beat this thing, I also need to consider that a lot of things will change for me – things that I can do, [...]

My Happiness Oats™ :) Recipe

A while back, when I started making breakfasts at home for the sheer fun of it, I concocted a quick breakfast dish that made me happy everytime I had it, so I named it Happiness Oats™ (with the ™ firmly tongue-in-cheek ).

Jyoti and Kishore’s Excellent Adventure

In the summer of 1989, the door to my office opened and someone walked in. Jeans-clad, complete with jacket, a neat, trimmed full beard, and a deep voice. “Hi, I am Kishore”.

Public Statement About My Health

I am releasing this statement in order to address the rumours and questions floating around about my health. In August, I was diagnosed with advanced intestinal cancer, that had affected my liver as well. This, of course, came as a great shock to my family and me, and we needed time to get to terms [...]

RIP, Kenneth “lawgon” Gonsalves

From the FOSS.IN website Kenneth Gonsalves, known to the FOSS world as “lawgon”, passed away on 03-Aug-2012. This is a huge loss to the Indian FOSS community, a cause he had always championed. And it is a particularly great loss to the python development community, where he played a role both as a champion and [...]