Public Statement About My Health

I am releasing this statement in order to address the rumours and questions floating around about my health.

In August, I was diagnosed with advanced intestinal cancer, that had affected my liver as well.

This, of course, came as a great shock to my family and me, and we needed time to get to terms with the situation, and begin my treatment. I deliberately chose to withdraw from the online world during this time, while my “inner circle” (my family and closest friends) protected my privacy.

I have lived much of my life in the public eye, and it is understandable that people will want to know more details, and when there is something to report, I will.

But what I need from you now is an understanding of my situation, and your support. And respect for my privacy and that of my family.

Cancer is a terrible disease, and it will take a lot to fight it – physically, emotionally, financially – but it is a battle that I am going to fight – and fight to win.

I am lucky to have the support of my wonderful family and friends who have been part of so many adventures of mine – and I am confident that, along with your good wishes and prayers, we will win this battle as well.

Thank you for your understanding and support.