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Sponsoring FOSS.IN

When we announced the resumption of FOSS.IN earlier this year, we didn’t think we would have too many problems doing so. Everyone missed the event, and the outbreak of joyous “huzzah”s was proof enough of that. But we had not counted with one thing – sponsor weariness.

FOSS.IN/2012 Early Bird Discounts End On Sunday!

Have you checked out the latest on FOSS.IN? The speaker list is up (check out, and delegates are registering in droves. Currently, you can save Rs.1000 if you register by Sunday night – just Rs.1500/head. From Monday, full rates apply. So hurry – go to and book your place at the FOSS & [...]

If You Are A FOSS.IN Speaker…

In case you missed it: the first lot of FOSS.IN speakers has been announced. This is a raw list, and will change as some speakers drop out, while others get added once their talks are fine tuned.

What About FOSS.IN?

During last Saturday’s Team FOSS.IN meeting, we were reviewing some of the mail we had received, and found a number of mails asking a question that went something like this: “Since Atul is ill, and since FOSS.IN is basically his baby, is the event happening at all?” The answer to this is simple, and most [...]

One More Thing…

Two years ago, in 2010, we announced that FOSS.IN/2010 would be the last one. There were a lot of reasons for this, which have been documented here. Since then, I have been searching all over India for an annual event that I could attend every year just like FOSS.IN, but with a bigger focus on [...]

PRODUCTISE.IN: The Successor to FOSS.IN…

Update: Please see this post for updated information about this event This is possibly the fastest that Team FOSS.IN has ever put together an event. As promised in my last post, here is some information about the new event series that we are putting together. And with your support, it will be every bit as [...]


Back in December 2010, I wrote that we were ending our 10 year old event – FOSS.IN – and I promised that I would write more after FOSS.IN/2010 was over. Here we go.

Why I came back…

This is a long overdue post, but life has been kind of busy for me since December last year… Saying goodbye to your baby… At the end of FOSS.IN/2009, I announced that I was stepping down as the project lead of Team FOSS.IN. It was really hard for me to do – FOSS.IN is one [...]

Raghu Dixit Project in London

Last year, at FOSS.IN, the Raghu Dixit Project performed during the event closing ceremony. People went nuts with delight. Sadly, no video of the show exists, but Raghu recently performed in London, as part of a wildly successful UK tour, and the BBC filmed it and put it up! And here it is, straight from [...]