Ads and shows

Hmmmmm – looks like Mrinal does *not* have a new girlfriend that is keeping him away. ;-)

Yesterday (Wednesday, 19th June) Anjali thrust the Bangalore Times supplement to the Times of India in my face, and find myself looking at an ad for his prog-rock band Cryptic, who are playing tomorrow (Friday, 21st June) at Styx. The ad was complete with photos of the band, and *yes* – our up and coming rockstar was there too! Dunno why I should feel proud about it, but I do.

Mrinal has been busy as a beaver getting rock videos and stuff together – read more about it in this entry in his journal.

Question is whether I can make to that show tomorrow. Things are really up and down for me right now, and I find myself battling many things on many fronts, and I don’t seem to have the time that I used to.

Thankfully, things are looking bright on the workshop front – registrations have started coming in even before we have done *any* advertising, so I guess I needn’t worry on that front.

Shanu, Sony and Vaibhav have been hard at work making their current project come to life, and I am very happy to see the results, despite the various twists that fate (and a lackadaisical vendor who is seeing his last involvement with us if he doesn’t smarten up his act soon) have been throwing them.