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One More Thing…

Two years ago, in 2010, we announced that FOSS.IN/2010 would be the last one. There were a lot of reasons for this, which have been documented here. Since then, I have been searching all over India for an annual event that I could attend every year just like FOSS.IN, but with a bigger focus on [...]

On inviting me to give a talk at your event

Every year, I face the same problem. Come February, and I get flooded with invitations to speak at some event or the other. And I have to turn them down, because they are all in my “unavailable” period of mid to end-February (for various personal reasons, including my birthday, my wedding anniversary, etc.).

My TEDxBITSGoa Talk: The Next Billion Users

The TEDxBITSGoa folks finally got around to posting the video of my talk from February 2011. This was one of the two talks I did almost back to back (one in Goa, the other in Chennai), and is entitled “The Next Billion Users“. The talk is about product design, and what I discovered on the [...]

Goodbye, TRRK! :’(

I just received a message from Mrinal‘s dad, Babu Kalakrishnan, that Dr.TR Rajesh Kumar, who was known as TRRK on the CiX BBS, passed away last week. TRRK was effectively the Godfather of the CiX BBS, and in the nicest possible way. Many members of the BBS owed their online existence to him – which [...]

Upcoming Changes

When I stood on the stage during the closing of FOSS.IN/2009, I announced that I was stepping down as Project Lead of FOSS.IN, and would not be involved in the organisation of future FOSS.IN events I promised a journal entry about this, clarifying things, but a number of things got in the way, and I [...]

FOSS.IN/2009 Delegate Registration is ongoing!

If you have been living under a rock, here’s a helpful news update about FOSS.IN/2009: Almost 800 registrations at the time of writing, almost all sponsor slots filled, and much more. Read the update: FOSS.IN/2009 – registrations, sponsors, expo, excitement & more

FOSS.IN/2009 Speaker registration closes Mon 26/Oct 23:59 IST

If you plan to be anything more than a delegate at FOSS.IN/2009, you better hurry – registrations close on Monday, October 26th, at 23:59 GMT+0530. So if you want to be part of the largest and most important Free & Open Source Software event in this part of the world, and stand shoulder to shoulder [...]

FOSS.IN/2009 Speaker Registration

Please note that the FOSS.IN/2009 Speaker registration is open, and a number of submissions have already been received. Read the CfP at and then head to And submit your talk/workout/workshop/bof/hacker-session/project-of-the-day proposal. It’s best NOT to do what most people do every year – procrastinate till the last moment, especially since talk evaluation is [...]

FOSS.IN/2009 Call for Participation

And here we go – FOSS.IN/2009′s Call for Participation. Apologies for the delays, things are very different for us this year, with a new venue, new team members, and all sorts of aches and pains we don’t want to talk about The registration system for speakers is open NOW – head there as soon [...]

My talk at Google

I recently gave a talk at Google, for launch of the Bangalore Google Technology User Group. The Google folks were kind enough to put up the video (warning this is 1.5 hours long!), so here it is: (Here is a direct link)