FOSS.IN/2009 Speaker Registration

Please note that the FOSS.IN/2009 Speaker registration is open, and a number of submissions have already been received.

Read the CfP at

and then head to

And submit your talk/workout/workshop/bof/hacker-session/project-of-the-day proposal.

It’s best NOT to do what most people do every year – procrastinate till the last moment, especially since talk evaluation is happening as they are received, and we are interacting with proposers to fine-tune things. After the 26th, you will not have the benefit of this interaction.

Also, don’t restrict yourself to submitting just one item – feel free to submit as many as possible – you never know what we will find most appropriate/interesting!

And please spread the word in your offices, colleges, mailing lists, twitter, facebooks, etc.

Remember – all content at FOSS.IN comes from the FOSS community!

Now go, Go, GO!!!!!