My TEDxBITSGoa Talk: The Next Billion Users

The TEDxBITSGoa folks finally got around to posting the video of my talk from February 2011. This was one of the two talks I did almost back to back (one in Goa, the other in Chennai), and is entitled “The Next Billion Users“. The talk is about product design, and what I discovered on the way.

This talk should also explain to some rather vision-challenged folks why I, a fanatic (and continuing) supporter of Free & Open Source Software, use Apple products as well. Hopefully, a few of you will now get a clue. :)

The video and audio are a wee bit blurred, but you should be able to understand most of it. Anyway, click below to enjoy it. As always, relevant/constructive comments are welcome.

Atul Chitnis at TEDxBITSGoa: The Next Billion Users


  1. Jyoti says:

    My own recollection of the first transformation is when non-tech people opened their doors, minds and wallets to PCs to stay connected with their family and friends through email, IM and Skype. Later, they found other uses for their PCs in the form of wordprocessing, Net search and social networking, and felt compelled to adapt to new resources to enjoy new experiences the Net has offered.
    Technology has always posed a long or short learning curve for people but what’s really helped transform minds is the easy availability of devices, their perceived affordability and their fit with the basic needs of people. A wrist-watch, television or even a mobile phone fits that mass need so has had to be arranged by most humans. We’ve to see how many more millions would feel the need to read their newspapers electronically or connect with social networks, for tablets to seem unavoidable devices to own. They won’t be grabbed by masses only because they are user-friendly.