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Meet my new companion…

Ever since I got diagnosed with cancer in August 2012, I have been acutely aware of the fact that professionally, things were going to change dramatically for me. While I intend to beat this thing, I also need to consider that a lot of things will change for me – things that I can do, [...]

The Rise Of The Tablets

Suddenly, a huge light went on over my head. I now understood, better than ever, why the iPad (and tablets in general) had succeeded where the PC had failed.

What Problem Are You Solving?

Unless you can clearly state what ​repetitive​ problem you are solving for the user, you aren’t building a product – you are just massaging your programming ego.

The Imminent “Smartphone” Plateau

I believe that the concept of the primadonna “smartphone” has started to plateau. Despite protests from the gadget crowd (who usually are the last to know anyway because they are too enamoured with their latest purchase), I see the “smartphone” having run its race. It will now give way to what the original Personal Digital [...]

One More Thing…

Two years ago, in 2010, we announced that FOSS.IN/2010 would be the last one. There were a lot of reasons for this, which have been documented here. Since then, I have been searching all over India for an annual event that I could attend every year just like FOSS.IN, but with a bigger focus on [...]

Announcing PRODUCTISE.IN/2012

Last year, we announced a brand new event – PRODUCTISE.IN. This event was meant to take on the hard topic of product development – not the funding, not the VCs, not the exits, but the actually core of a startup – the product. Unfortunately, we ran into several hitches. First, the notice was way too [...]

Product Development in India [Video]

In February 2012, I gave a talk at the Agile India 2012 conference. The topic was “Product Development in India”. I use my experiences from the the 1980s till today to give people a guided tour of what it was (and is) like to develop products in India. This talk is a wee bit more [...]

eBooks & Educational Institutions

Too many people look at ebooks as some new, technological miracle that requires some completely new way of thinking. That’s rather weird to someone like me, who has been using eBooks since the late 1990s. It is also completely wrong – ebooks are essentially just books, as we have known them from times before Gutenberg. [...]