Product Development in India [Video]

In February 2012, I gave a talk at the Agile India 2012 conference. The topic was “Product Development in India”. I use my experiences from the the 1980s till today to give people a guided tour of what it was (and is) like to develop products in India. This talk is a wee bit more formal than my usual talks, but hopefully you will enjoy it.


  1. Abhijeet Rane says:

    Good talk overall. A few comments
    1. Your points are valid but you have a choice of how those points are presented – positively or negatively. The overall tone of your talk is more negative but it could easily be flipped and be inspiring. Rather than drawing scenarios that will lead to failure, answer the question of HOW they can be successful. You have some examples of that but if you are truly wanting to change the mindset then that has to be the major focus.
    2. You are right about the funding game. Too many people play the game of valuation rather than value. I have gotten sucked into it myself.
    3. Another theme you can expound on (with appropriate credits to me for this :) ) – “engineers solve problems, innovators create opportunities” . Unfortunately the root of evil here lies in our education system that does everything possible to suppress creativity and does everything possible to turn us into non-thinking functionaries. There is no focus on actually addressing problems or needs. In fact not even being aware of them.
    4. Write THE book.