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Compelling Reasons

People don’t buy something because we want them to, or because we make it easier/cheaper to buy it. People buy something when you answer the all-important question: “What’s in it for me?” You may have the greatest of reasons to offer “Drag and drop” “Rounded corners” “Customisation” “Cheaper” Etc But none of them are compelling [...]

What Problem Are You Solving?

Unless you can clearly state what ​repetitive​ problem you are solving for the user, you aren’t building a product – you are just massaging your programming ego.

Tablets Are Not Mobile Devices!

The biggest buzzword in town these days is, of course, “mobile”. Everyone is talking about it, everyone wants in on the game, and of course everyone predicts that it will be the next cash cow. The problem is that just about everything smaller than a PC is now being tagged as a “mobile platform”, including [...]

Announcing PRODUCTISE.IN/2012

Last year, we announced a brand new event – PRODUCTISE.IN. This event was meant to take on the hard topic of product development – not the funding, not the VCs, not the exits, but the actually core of a startup – the product. Unfortunately, we ran into several hitches. First, the notice was way too [...]


This is a talk with a difference My talk at TEDxMSRIT, about designing products for users. This is a fun talk, with a serious message. And the organisers made sure that they made me look like Mephistopheles on stage – a totally new look for me Enjoy!

Product Development in India [Video]

In February 2012, I gave a talk at the Agile India 2012 conference. The topic was “Product Development in India”. I use my experiences from the the 1980s till today to give people a guided tour of what it was (and is) like to develop products in India. This talk is a wee bit more [...]

A question of ethics

If you involve me in a process that I find out to be of questionable quality, repeatedly object, recuse myself immediately after, and ask you not to use my name to rubber stamp your questionable results, but you still do, what does that say about you? (To be continued) p.s. Am currently keeping comments on [...]

PRODUCTISE.IN: The Successor to FOSS.IN…

Update: Please see this post for updated information about this event This is possibly the fastest that Team FOSS.IN has ever put together an event. As promised in my last post, here is some information about the new event series that we are putting together. And with your support, it will be every bit as [...]