Announcing PRODUCTISE.IN/2012

Last year, we announced a brand new event – PRODUCTISE.IN. This event was meant to take on the hard topic of product development – not the funding, not the VCs, not the exits, but the actually core of a startup – the product.

Unfortunately, we ran into several hitches. First, the notice was way too short for most people. So we shifted the event by a month – and then couldn’t get a venue. In the meanwhile, we also realised that this event had to be addressed in an entirely different manner – unlike FOSS.IN, the mindset and requirements of the audiences who would be attending PRODUCTISE.IN would cover a huge range of things, including usability, user interface design, market research, marketing the product, and much more.

We have spent the past few months brainstorming about this, and are glad to announce that we have now pinned down both the scope and the dates for the event.

PRODUCTISE.IN (which, in the words of one of our friends, is the “worst event name – ever!” :) ) will be held this year on December 3rd and 4th in Bangalore. Venue and other details will be announced soon, but with this much lead-time, we will have no problems getting things in place.

PRODUCTISE.IN will be run by a new team – consisting of some core members of the erstwhile Team FOSS.IN, as well as a number of new members, who bring a lot of new skills to the table.

The website is currently bare (we are filling up stuff as we speak), but will soon have a lot more information about the event, how to participate, etc. Delegate registrations will start in July, and the Call for Participation will go out within the next few days as well.

PRODUCTISE.IN kicks off a dream that we have to bootstrap India’s nascent product development community – not the funders and the VCs and the wheelers and dealers, but the people who actually develop the products. The event will give them a platform to talk about their experiences, their success, their failures, their problems and solutions, and to exchange views with their peers. There will be technical and non-technical sessions, group discussions and workshops, and lots more. In short, PRODUCTISE.IN will be for the product development community what FOSS.IN used to be for FOSS developers and technology hackers.

So mark your calendars – December 3rd & 4th, 2012, in Bangalore.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Oh, and one more thing…