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This is a talk with a difference My talk at TEDxMSRIT, about designing products for users. This is a fun talk, with a serious message. And the organisers made sure that they made me look like Mephistopheles on stage – a totally new look for me Enjoy!

Product Development in India [Video]

In February 2012, I gave a talk at the Agile India 2012 conference. The topic was “Product Development in India”. I use my experiences from the the 1980s till today to give people a guided tour of what it was (and is) like to develop products in India. This talk is a wee bit more [...]

Some of my talk videos

Since people have asked, I have linked to some of my talk videos from my site. Not all of them (some are honestly not worth showcasing), but if you want to see what I am like as a speaker, feel free to hit (also linked from the main menu of the site, under “Content [...]

My TEDxBITSGoa Talk: The Next Billion Users

The TEDxBITSGoa folks finally got around to posting the video of my talk from February 2011. This was one of the two talks I did almost back to back (one in Goa, the other in Chennai), and is entitled “The Next Billion Users“. The talk is about product design, and what I discovered on the [...]