My TEDxSSN talk: Learning To Play The Piano

tedxssn logoI recently gave a talk at TEDxSSN, entitled “Learning to play the Piano” which is NOT about learning to play the piano, as you will see once you watch it below. :)

Atul Chitnis at TEDxSSN: Learning to play the piano


  1. Rahul Samuel says:

    Hi Atul

    I have been following you on twitter for a while now, I dont exactly remember how I added you to my list but its been great reading your posts. This is the first time today that I visited your website. It was a pleasure watching this video, I am an audio engineer and a musician myself and your speech made me think again. I like the way you connected music with work, only if we understood what we are doing.

    I wanted to thank you for bringing this new perspective for me and everybody else. I surely will benefit from this and many others will. I knew I enjoyed my work and I also knew I didnt enjoy some other things I am compelled to do, however, I never knew why, until now.

    Thank you. Keep the good things coming.


    Rahul Samuel.