Change of Twitter ID to @AtulChitnis

@I have changed my Twitter ID from the old “@achitnis” to “@AtulChitnis”.

People who were following the old ID now automatically follow the new ID, so there is nothing you need to do, except to remember to write “@AtulChitnis” (upper/lower case does not matter) instead of “@achitnis” when sending me a message on Twitter.

Why did I do this after being achitnis in the online world for more than two decades?

Well, for one, “Atul Chitnis” is my real name, and on twitter, it is good manners to use your real name and picture. And of course my twitter identity becomes much easier to find and recognise. It also correctly matches my domain name (

I know it will cause some confusion for a while, but I am sure people will get used to it quickly. Some people may complain about the “long” ID, but in reality it is just 3 characters longer. And there are bound to be some old-timers who will whine about having known me as “achitnis” for so many years… ;)

The old “achitnis” ID has been parked in a locked Twitter account that you cannot follow or DM to, and its bio has been updated to tell people to use the @AtulChitnis ID instead.