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The Wind of Change, 2012 Edition

Recently, I was quoted in an article about early retirement, which resulted in a hilarious number of people reacting with “What? You retired???” Most of the people who reacted this way are people who have known me for a long time, and were surprised that I was even talking about retirement. They probably missed my [...]

The Real Problem With SOPA & PIPA…

…is not that you wouldn’t be able to access material on the web anymore if these acts pass. It is that there wouldn’t be any material to access. Because if the publishing of almost any form of creative work can be arbitrarily (and even retrospectively) criminalised using SOPA & PIPA, people will eventually stop publishing [...]

Not everything goes as planned…

TL;DR Version: PRODUCTISE.IN isn’t happening in January 2012, will now happen in our regular event slot in December 2012. The long version: For the past 10 years or so, I have had things mostly work as planned for my projects. In 2001, I had to scrap the original Linux Bangalore event plans when things didn’t [...]

Change of Twitter ID to @AtulChitnis

I have changed my Twitter ID from the old “@achitnis” to “@AtulChitnis”. People who were following the old ID now automatically follow the new ID, so there is nothing you need to do, except to remember to write “@AtulChitnis” (upper/lower case does not matter) instead of “@achitnis” when sending me a message on Twitter. Why [...]

TataSky: How to rip off your customers

12-May-2011 Update: The new HD DVR has now been ordered and paid for, and will be delivered in a few days. My existing account will be transferred to this box, and my existing TataSky+ SD DVR will be installed at my mother-in-law’s place, transferring her account to it. If all goes well, this story should [...]

The Khan Academy

This is simply too awesome not to blog about! Prepare to be stunned. If you are a student, or have kids who are students, or (like me) are a student for life, you will find this site to be an unbelievably rich resource for anyone who wants to learn about topics like Math, Physics, Chemistry, [...]