The Khan Academy

This is simply too awesome not to blog about! :)

Prepare to be stunned. If you are a student, or have kids who are students, or (like me) are a student for life, you will find this site to be an unbelievably rich resource for anyone who wants to learn about topics like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and many other subjects.

Watch the video below:

Then without any further delay, click on

Each subject is broken into short 12 minute videos that explain one concept, explained in a very human manner, and there are more than 2000 of them already (and the list is growing!).

This is a labour of love, and I agree with Bill Gates – this is definitely the start of a revolution. I wish I had a resource like this when I was a kid!

Khan Academy on the Gates Notes


  1. Shitij Bahl says:

    Sal Khan is truly an inspiration – He really deserved to win the Google Contest and the 2 Million $ for his efforts into this new revolution i.e. Free online virtual learning.

    i wish this was available during my K12 days- my interest in Maths would certainly gone up. but it is never to late to learn :)

    Indian Schools should include these video’s ASAP

  2. chitra says:

    Labour of love and so selfless indeed! Shiv’s been using it for the last six months..he loves it.