Goodbye, TRRK! :’(

Dr.TR Rajesh Kumar

Dr.TR Rajesh Kumar

I just received a message from Mrinal‘s dad, Babu Kalakrishnan, that Dr.TR Rajesh Kumar, who was known as TRRK on the CiX BBS, passed away last week.

TRRK was effectively the Godfather of the CiX BBS, and in the nicest possible way. Many members of the BBS owed their online existence to him – which was amazing for someone who lived in far away Alleppey.

He would religiously dial into the BBS, participate in all discussions, help resolve differences, and generally maintain peace and order in what was then India’s only online service.

Over the years, he became an active participant in many online forums, and made it a point to stay in touch with as many people as possible.

Ongoing condolences can be found here.

Rest In Peace, TRRK. You will be missed.