All good things….

My last non-middle-aged Sunday.

Had good intentions of sleeping in late – didn’t happen.

It appears the dog got hosed today – literally ;-) He was troubling the gardner, so Shubha told the gardner to spray Judo with water to make him give up.

Not smart! Judo of course loved it, and had to be tied up, where Shubha finished the job by giving the mutt a bath. If you think that is nothing major, please remember that our little puppy now tilts the scales at 30 KG, has a major sweep of a tail at one end, and some gleaming, pointy teeth at the other. When he lies down and stretches, he is easily 5 feet long!

Shubha explained to me later that the most hilarious/touching thing was that while she was hosing the dog down, he was desperately seeking protection from her – from her. The logic that his “mommy” was also the aggressor was beyond him ;-) .

The cat is beginning to slow down – she is now definitely showing her pregnancy, and Anjali says she could feel the first little head moving in there.

Spent the morning cleaning up my “cable spagetti”.

Lunch was mutton biryani. Someone, however, decided that a whole packet of biryani masala was a good idea, when it wasn’t. To get the idea, head for Mount Vesuvius and sample a few spoons of lava….

Sony showed up in the afternoon, and we proceeded to jam a bit. Somewhere along the way, Mrinal joined us, and things soon got out of hand. Cool! ;-)

Mrinal agrees that the amp isn’t reproducing the frequencies I need for keyboards and vocals. It shall be returned tomorrow.

Night saw X-Files in a hilarious episode . If you ever get to see it, don’t miss Scully galopping up and down while Mulder is speaking to Shandling in the studio! Of course, all the innuendos were great, too, including Scully’s mentioning to Mulder that “Tea Leoni definitely likes you” (Tea Leoni is David Duchovny’s real life wife ;-)

Three more episodes left before we go into Star’s traditional re-reun mode for 6-9 months.

The StarTrek:TNG episode was excellent as well. This episode was later used as the basis for a much expanded TNG book called “The Dyson Sphere”. I hadn’t seen this episode, but I have read the sequel book, which referred a lot to this episode, so it was very exciting to actually see all this stuff happening.

Pre-chewed, pre-digested rubber balls (Soya mealmaker chunks) for dinner. I was less than thrilled.