Breakfast to Music from my Camera ;-)

Started the day by sitting at the breakfast table, playing Beatles MP3s from my camera. Shubha was highly amused. ;-)

Building a room over the weekend looks improbable now – too little time, and the garage where I was planning to annex a corner needs cleaning.

Instead, I had ordered a PC card that convert my home (and other) video tapes to VCDs. Sorely needed. Was getting worried that we would never be able to see our tapes again once the VCR finally junks itself. Problem is, I had ordered the card almost a week back – still no sign of it. Hmmm…..

Latest issue of DataQuest is out, and has a report on the CIO meet from last month in it. I appear to be featured in it, wearing my other hat – Consulting Editor to PCQuest. Looks like I had a serious bad hair day! :-(

Ah, just got a call from FabMart – my VCD conversion card is on its way. Cool. Checked their site – noticed offer for a set of 7 Asterix movies on sale. (Click) More household money down the drain. ;-)

Woah! CDNOW is taking advance orders for the Harry Potter DVD!. Didn’t that movie get released only recently? Time warp!