Been a busy week. Looks like it is going to get busier.

Put up the long delayed photos of kittens. Naturally, they are now in good homes. Mama Honey discovered one of them next door, but so far that one (Misty, the grey one) hasn’t come back home for a visit, though Honey is extremely upset about it ;-)

Have also put up Gopi’s birthday photos – the party at home and at Windsor Pub.

Harsha, Samyeer and I hit Windsor Pub again late Monday night, and put away more food than should be allowed by the law. ;-)

Rains have started hitting Bangalore (thank God!) and the weather is totally great. Makes up for the fact that we didn’t go to Ooty or anywhere else this year.

Music is at a standstill. As expected, Mrinal is a long-lost memory, now that he has moved across town, and I don’t have a jamming partner. He and his group Phenom secured second place at their college fest this month, which is cool. Noella, their singer, got the best vocalist award, which is even cooler.

Dominos Pizza has begun refusing deliveries to our area (Sanjaynagar), which is a Bad Thing. They claim they are overloaded, going to the extent of saying “we will take orders from your area only after 9pm, and delivery time will be at least 1 hour”. How they expect to do business that way is beyond me, but for the moment, I (along with the rest of Sanjaynagar) am looking at alternatives. Maybe even Pizza Corner.

News from Germany is that my mom managed to junk her PC’s hard disk, and she is going to be offline until she can get it fixed and everything installed again. Since I was the one who set it up for her last time, I wonder what she is going to do now.

Tomorrow I have a presentation at the BLUG – lots of action, including Linux and digital cameras, Linux Bangalore/2002, a change of guard, etc. Man, am I glad that Jessie is back in the BLUG fold helping out with things.

Gopi is taking off for the USA for a couple of weeks. That means I get to run the show at work all on my own. Sux!


Got online, found Mrinal lurking there. He apparently has not grown a moustache, put on weight or got a girlfriend since I last saw him more than a month ago. ;-)

He has issues with the tape recording of the Phenom performance during the college fest, and we discussed for a while how to fix that. Gave him some ideas, let’s see if it works out. I got to hear a few seconds of the show live when Kallu called me on his cell phone, and I know it sounded great, so am eager to hear the full thing.