Sunday. Snore…..

Been a bit of a weird week.

Star Trek Voyager wrapped around, and started from episode 1. The difference is phenomenal – all characters seem to be made of cardboard, and the storylines are too corny to be true. Having just seen the last episode of the series, I could really appreciate how much the characters developed themselves over the years.

The captain is unbelievable. That hairdo, that attitude, that (aaaarrrrgghhhhhh!!!!) SciFi attitude.

The biggest change (apart from the fact that there is no 7of9) is The Doctor. Oh *man*, I can’t believe that this is the same character! This grouchball, anti-social misfit turns into what we knew as the Doctor in later years? Wow!

The office got shampooed yesterday – the carpeting was in a really bad shape. Looking at it after these guys finished cleaning it, I am stunned. The blues are blue again, the browns are brown. Whew!

Music scene continues to be solo. With Mrinal moving to the dark side of the moon, Gaurav testing Dell delivery vans for impact resistance with his head and Sony without his distortion pedal (he claims that he can’t play without one), I guess I am doomed to jamming with my PC.

A friend of mine recently bought a Guitar Multi-FX unit with “my” help (actually, I just passed on the query to Mrinal, then forwarded his answer back to my friend ;) . He isn’t much of a rock musician, but he was very happy with some of the non-rock effects he got out of the box, including reverb, delay, flange and wah. He is currently sitting on my (mostly bust) wah-wah (an old Crying Baby), and he says that this unit he bought (a Zoom GFX-707 at $125) comes very close.

This sounds like something I want. Mrinal had once suggested that I should buy one, but seeing how these boxes are used by most people (distortion set to stun – fire!), I couldn’t see myself needing one. But now, with a bust reverb unit, I may even look at one, if for no other reason that it is cheaper than buying a standalone reverb unit here in India!

Anjali joins some Tennis coaching classes today, and I have to drag myself off to some inaugural function in Cubbon Park. I *hate* social dos, but I guess I have to go. I hope they throw me out seeing my beard! ;-)

Update: Thanks to our driver ditching us in the last moment (and my hating to drive in the dark), Shubha and Anjali went with our neighbours, and I remained at home, without power.

Sat out on the lawn reading a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager Virtual Season 8. This stuff is *really well written, and I highly recommend it.

After a while, I noticed Judo looking bored. Went out for a walk, dropped in on Foodworld (Germans – that is the equivalent of Aldi here) and bought Judo a nice chewbone made of hide, for 75 bucks.

He demolished it completely in 30 minutes.