I am fed up!

Today was a day that did nothing for my resolve to lose some weight. :-(

First of all, turns out that tomorrow (Sunday) is Biju’s birthday, so he showed up in office carrying a simply fabulous chocolate cake and two “super saver – Rs.20″ packs of chips.

Then, since it was the final meeting of the LB/2001 managers, Gopi decided to treat everyone to lunch – so FOUR Dominos Dominator pizzas (and a large one for the veggies in the crowd) ensured that nothing further got done after lunch.

Have you ever seen a stranded whale on a beach? That was Exocore & Friends, post-lunch.

God, I was “fed up” ;-)

Work began this morning on the den wiring, and it looks like it will all be done by Sunday. Kewl! To “test drive” the area, I am going to move my desk and PC from the third bedroom into the designated area in the den, and spend a day or two there. This will allow me to get a feel of the place and discover what else I need down there, including what kind of furniture.

It’s been almost two weeks since I began this diary. I have been getting a lot of feedback in email, and of course watched my webstats do a VTOL aircraft emulation. Several people have commented that now that I have found my “rhythm”, the front page has become really heavy. That I will fix by reducing the number of diary entries from 10 to 5. However, the archive is also groaning under the weight, and I need to do something about that as well. So I shall try and whip up some code that lists only the dates and titles of each entry, which you can click on to get the text for that entry. This will also make it easier to bookmark certain entries (yeah yeah yeah – lots of Phenom fans out there ;)

OK, the Miss india contest is going on as I type. Good looking girls, but whoever thought of putting Malaika and Rags up as comperes should have his finger nails pulled – slowly.

Good to see my landlord’s niece (the fabulous Sabrina Setlur) as one of the judges. It is ironic that I live in a house leased from a family that has strong connections to Germany, with me being half German. And no – I have never met her.

Ah, diary junkies bugging me again. Should I keep them hanging a little longer?
Naaaaaahhhh! ;-)