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Today is my mother‘s birthday, so first and foremost –

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I am sure you will be pleased to know that you are now only 1.575 times my age, instead of the 23 times that you were when I was born.

See? One does get younger! ;-)

Major Pink Floyd fever seems to be breaking out across town. Everyone (except Kallu) is getting ready to see the greatest show on earth (from our perspective, of course). Whether that is good or bad is debatable, but I am hoping that Mrinal gets more time to jam PF oldies with me – after all, he can’t jam PF with Cryptic (who concentrate on OwnComps, which is A Good Thing[tm]), and Phenom seems to be in hibernation (which is a pity).

Bad news is that he is moving to the complete other side of town in a couple of months. That will put an end to any impulse-based jam sessions – after all, it would take some impulse to come running across 20++ KM with a guitar under the arm, right?

News on the cat is – no news is good news. She comes and goes regularly. Hasn’t brought her brood home to meet her step-brother (Judo, the Dog)yet. Wonder why….

BTW – I thought I’d just mention that our problems with Yahoo Messenger seem to be under control – apparently since Kallu made it his business to look into the issues.

There have been requests from some people that I do what other people do – enable a discussion/comments system in my diary. I am totally opposed to this – this is one place in cyberspace where I can write down my thoughts without having to battle hordes of trolls and snipers commenting on everything I say or do. And I would very much like to keep it that way, thankyouveddymuch.

Note: It appears that some people don’t have a sense of humour (or can’t understand mine), so I will avoid mentioning them in my diary from now on. If you have similar problems with being talked about here, let me know.