Sticks and stones

Lord of the Rings opens in Bangalore today, and it appears the entire gang at work is going tomorow. Unfortunately, I have this total aversion to movie theatres, and haven’t gone to one in almost 15 years. The reason is simple – no PAUSE key ;-) And that is something I need, or I end up with a violent headache.

Watched the old Linux v/s Gnu/Linux argument develop on one of the lists I am subscribed to. very clearly as a result of RMS’ recent visit to Bangalore/Chennai/Mumbai. Gopi and I recently sat down and discussed this, and did some research, which resulted in my writing this article.

My references to PCQuest yesterday seem to have struck a chord in plenty of places, and raised a few hackles (from fairly obvious quarters). I’ll collect the responses over the next few days and then put them together as an article/FAQ.

Interestingly, it has also started several discussions across the place (I can see one starting here). Obviously, there are people who feel about this as strongly as I do.

I feel a bit burnt out today. Between evaluating house loan proposals, planning projects at work, trying to teach my daughter how the decimal system works and hollering about the pathetic state of the lawn, I am beginning to feel rather old. I even missed StarTrek:Voyager tonight!

The weekend starts tomorrow. I really need to do something non-computer. Maybe a few new (old) songs. Or get some photographs into shape. Or maybe write a few articles.

Hmmm…. how do I do all of the above without using a computer?