First up – I have changed the domain for my official website from “” to “”. It has nothing to do with a certain company’s attempt at hijacking the existing .net TLD and everything to do with the fact that my website is not commercial (as implied by the .com in the earlier domain name).

IAC, relax – I have a transparent redirect in place, so even if you go to the old domain, it will get you here.

Heard that Gaurav (of Phenom) met with an accident. No details, and he is apparently hurt, but OK. Apparently, he got hit by a van while on his bike, and he wasn’t wearing a helmet (he normally does).

I hope he gets well soon – I look forward to another jam session with him and Mrinal soon.

The heat is killing me, and I don’t seem to be the only one. Everyone’s diary/journal is full of complaints about the weather.