Whole lotta noise….

Ah well, after several failed attempts, I am now the proud owner of a Zoom GFX-707II Guitar Processor.

Shubha’s cousin Kiran carried it in from the USA, after he and Shubha’s brother-in-law Vibhu got me a killer price to begin with (*way* below the US$249 MRP!).

This is the first time that I have used anything like this. I have used standalone pedals (fuzz and wah-wah mainly), but this thing is a completely different beast.

I tried getting to grips with it, gave up, and hollered for help, which brought Mrinal to my door. He showed me how to tame the beast, and also how to create my own “patches” for it.

Towards evening, Sony and Shanu joined us, and it was a joy to see the glee on Sony’s face as he walked through all the effects, and discovered that he was able to simulate much of the sound that he and Shanu listen to – some of it extremely loud and noisy.

Towards the end of the session, I introduced Sony to another feature of the 707II – you can plug in headphones and play without an amp! ;-)

I have updated my equipment list, in case you are interested.

Yesterday’s rant about Yahoo got a whole lot of people upset as hell, but do I care? Nope! If Yahoo doesn’t care about its users, why should I care about Yahoo’s feelings?