Stayed at home all day – in a sort of depressed mood. Must be the weather, or the static electricity that seems to be zapping me from all corners. Didn’t even read email!

Shubha has been bugging me all day wanting to show me ideas for the house. But I think I am not yet ready for such a commitment ;-) . As friend Swati Kiran said the other day “you two discuss how you want to build the house, then you fight over it, and finally I will build you a dream house and you will patch up” (major dose of Danielle Steele in that lady’s reading list! ;) . So I am trying to postpone that fight for a while.

Took Shubha, Anjali and Judo to the site I bought. Major happy happy all around. Dog drooled all over the backseat. Luckily, I was sitting in the front! :-)

Finally dragged myself online to read mail. Had some email from people asking me about The Secret Project – well, most of you will have figured out by now that TSP was the land purchase.

No news yet from Mrinal – he was supposed to be back from the Bombay gig with Cryptic. BTW – Cryptic won the Best Band award at that competition. Way to go!

Missed yesterday’s StarTrek:Voyager episode (part 2/2) so caught it on the re-reun at 7pm today. Not bad.

Actually, I am quite surprised about how little SciFi one can find on the star TV channels – apart from StarTrek:TNG and The X-Files (the latter about to go into re-reun mode), there is really nothing else worth seeingon star World. Both AXN and Hallmark (and even HBO) make sure that a lot of SciFi is beamed to India – both channels seem to have figured out what today’s generation of English-language TV viewers enjoy.

Am currently reading Larry Niven’s “Ringworld” books. Excellent SciFi.

Darn! If this static electricity problem doesn’t clear up soon, I will have to start using pen and paper to put down my thoughts!