Beep from Mauritius

Hello there from Mauritius, where I have been these past we days, and will be till next Tuesday).

This country has definitely gone Open Source crazy. Either that, or they just love me – in the past three days, I have given several talks, been in the newspapers, was interviewed on the radio, and apparently there is more to come. This Cyber-Island rocks to the tune of Open Source.

This is my fourth day here, and believe it or not – I have not yet gone swimming! Shubha has done some shopping, but I have been in one meeting after the other.

That ends tomorrow – Saturday and Sunday are reserved for sightseening, swimming and generally relaxing, before Monday sees me back to OSS Evangelism again, and then we depart Tuesday very very early in the morning.

This country is a strange one for me – everything looks Euopean (the roads, the buildings the signs, etc.), but everyone looks Indian! This half-German Indian is thrilled to bits to see his two cultures jammed together in one small 60km x 40km area! ;-)

And BTW – the weather rocks – no rain, a bit on the cool side, but amazing! Wish I was here on a holiday instead of work!

More later (if I can).