Bicentennial Man

Father-in-law’s operation went well, and hopefully he will be discharged over the next week.

Friday, met up with friend Kishore Bhargava, who happened to be in town to give a talk at SGI that I couldn’t give because I was travelling that day.

We had a marvellous lunch at Shezan on Cunningham Road, where they serve what are arguably be the best steaks in town. We chatted about a lot of things, as we usually do when we meet (which is fairly rare these days).

Last night, HBO showed one of my favourite movies of all times – “Bicentennial Man”, based on Isaac Asimov’s (not so) short story. I have seen this movie half a dozen times so far, but it still manages to keep me glued to the seat start to finish. It is a tribute to Asimov’s writing that this (exceptionally) long movie about a robot (played by the one and only Robin Williams) seeking humanity for himself translates faithfully every word written to action on the screen. I *highly* recommend this movie, which (as always) is a incisive commentary on mankind, as much as it is a highly entertaining story.