Goa, here I come….

OK, father-in-law has been discharged from hospital, and things seem to be going well.

The RadioCity interview went off very well, and I had a ball. I have never done a radio interview before, that too live, but Darius put me right at ease and let say pretty much what I wanted to (apart from promoting anything other than Linux and OpenSource). The response was failry amazing – I watched hundreds of SMSs and Pager Messages hit Darius’ screen, with questions about Linux. That was so cool!

Tomorrow morning I am off to Goa for the SALIS event. As threatened before, I will go off the air after that for a much needed break, and will be back again on the 5th.

One factor bears remarking on – Shubha will be joining me on Saturday, but withou Anjali. This is the first time that Shubha and I will be travelling without Anjali since she was born (and she turns 13 on March 30th). Is that supposed to make me feel older or younger?

See you on the 5th!