Goa Workshop

OK, it is now official – SALIS is organising the SALIS Workshop on Software and Licensing in Goa on the 27th and 28th of February.

Many people have not heard about this workshop, but as a little background that you may find interesting – the same workshop was held in Trivandrum in November 2002, and I credit it with being the trigger that paved the way for the Government of India to endorse and sponsor Linux Bangalore/2002, and together with LB/2002, the SALIS workshop led to the ground-breaking 23-Dec-2002 meeting called by Government to help formulise its official OpenSource policy.

Anyway, this means that I am in my favourite place in the whole wide world (next to my hometowns, Bangalore and Berlin ;) on 27/28 February, speaking to government and other officials on my favourite topics – Linux and OpenSource. What a combo!

If you are in Goa, and are interested in such things, try and be there.