Spent all night working on a how-to document, that tells you how to configure TCP/IP over PPP between a PalmOS PDA and Linux. I haven’t done something this in a while, and I find that I quite enjoyed the experience – it was very similar to the kind of writing I used to do in my COMversations days.

My right eye seems to be improving slightly. I can now see a lot more, colours are right, and though I stiill cannot focus properly, I have a perception of stereo-vision again – not usable, but it feels like it. And that is encouraging, and gives me hope that things will be normal again some day.

This afternoon, I was quietly sitting at my desk, when all of a sudden an explosion somewhere on my desk blew out the power for the entire street. All circuitbreakers in the house tripped, and the pole fuses for the house, and apparently the rest of the street, were history.

I am not sure what it was. My notebook power supply has a little spike buster on it, and it appears to be ruined. Ditto the switchboard on my desk Was this an incoming 1000 volt zzzzap from the electricity board? Thankfully no damage otherwise.

By the end of next week, I hope to see one of my private projects go live. The change will be very visible, and I hope it goes well.

Pray for me. I need mojo.