Been hard at work reorganising things, preparing to launch a personal project I have been working on for a while. This project will allow me to focus on areas of interest that I am currently unable to address in any meaningful fashion.

This requires me to make changes in several places, including my websites (no, don’t go looking for stuff – the changes are internal for now), doing a rather incredible amount of writing, meeting with and talking to a huge number of people, etc.

My eye-sight problems continue to persist, but I am beginning to live with them. No pain or inflammation – that’s completely under control – but the vision on the right eye is still unusable. The left eye is hanging in there.

As my doctors at St.Johns Hospital tell me, it will take time and nature to heal and correct stuff – I have faith in that.

Well, I don’t have any choice, either, do I?

Due to the recovery process, and the huge amount of stuff I need to do, I am mostly at home these days. Once I get back from Delhi, that should change, though. I went to office today for Gopi’s birthday party, and there were some strange looking people sitting in the cubicles! Some of them were very camera conscious! ;-)

A good number of things are beginning to fall in place for me workwise as well, which is very encouraging. More about this over the next few weeks.

This Friday is the next Bangalore Linux User Group Meet – this time the topic is OpenSource Databases – a very important topic especially here in India. A call for speakers produces an amazing number of offers to speak – now that’s the spirit!

My only worry is – will people attend the meet or ditch us and go for “The Matrix Reloaded” instead?

People who care will know where the priorities lie.