Travel, travel….

Well, looks like I am back on schedule for GNUnify again – I received word that I was welcome there despite my “radical” views about keeping an open mind. ;-)

So unless someone else now voices his objection, I will find myself in Pune on February 15th. This means that I am effectively travelling most of February!

Next week, I spend time in Chennai, where I would have been this week, had I not been laid down with a flu again. :(

The next week, I am in Pune, and then might find myself in Goa to participate in an event there as well. The Goa event is still being planned, but if it happens, I am going to take a break there – I haven’t had a holiday since December 2001, and I badly need one. And there is no better place to do so than in Goa. Even better when it is your birthday (20th) and wedding anniversary (23rd)!

UPDATE: Just got news that I am in the technical seminar circuit in March as well! Apparently there is a lot of demand for an extended version of EPLAWS from people. That’s cool – there are a lot of new tricks we want to teach people, and then there is the new exoLinux release as well. ;-)