I need a life!

Apologies to all who have been emailing me and whom I have not replied to – my life isn’t in my hands right now. Way too many things happening.

Linux Bangalore/2004 is just round the corner. Have you registered yet?

Major announcements happening starting tomorrow.

I am still hunting for entertainment for the three evenings. Need a rock group for the final day. Has to be hacker-geek compatible. Phenom has been in that slot for the past two years, but this year they seem to be largely pre-occupied with this terrible disease called “work for a living”. Send us suggestions. Bangalore based groups preferred.

Need Indian entertainment for day 2. Ditto on the suggestions.

Anyone got a legal copy of any of the other FOSS movies (we showed Revolution OS last year)?

Or any other (practical) suggestions to keep a bunch of unruly hackers entertained? First one to suggest paintball or beer-drinking competitions walks the plank. Ditto dumb-charades. Someone suggested amateur night – get bunches of people who claim to know how to sing or play an instrument to have their 15 mins of in the spotlight. Dunno – what do you think?

Got bunches of new toys for the home studio, but looks like I’ll have to wait till LB/2004 is over to get cracking on those. Tons of new Linux-based studio software out there now, serious professionals now beginning to switch to this. Life is good.

Am going to check out NLS Strawberryfields this weekend (19/20/21 Dec, Palace Grounds) . NLS SF is India’s biggest rock competition. Promises to be fun, but strangely no publicity at all this year! Not even a website to link to!

Ah well, maybe they figured that if they make too much of a noise, some people might come asking to be paid their prize money from last year. :)