Mondays and other evils

Mondays are usually bad, but today took the cake.

We moved office last week, because we just couldn’t live with the issues at the old office (the temple noise, the constant not-so-nice smells emanating from the bakery on the ground floor, the blown out electric system that mysteriously manifested itself every year during festival season when the bakery needed more power than they had allocated, the sweltering heat of the non-insulated rooftop, etc.).

The new office is in a modern office block, and not too far away from my home. Nice place, about the same size as the old one. The problem is, of course, that we need to set it up, and until we do, life is chaos. Servers are down, phone links are still to come in, Internet connectivity not coming in till a week from now, etc.

In the meanwhile, the local electricity company decided that fibre optic cables are great conductors of electricity that kills people, and chopped off every cable they could find. Voila, no cable internet connectivity at home either for several days.

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