PKR is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a thing to wake up to!

One of my closest friends, Prasanto Kumar Roy, aka PKR, is getting married to Moushumi sometime on the 19-21st of February. What a birthday present to get (my birthday is on the 20th of Feb)!!!!!!

PKR was the guy who tapped me on my shoulder sometime end-1992 and asked me to start writing for PC Quest (the column that eventually became COMversations), which became the basis for my “name and fame” (as you might call it). Now, as editor of DataQuest, he was also responsible for armwrestling me into starting to write again.

While his getting married may or may not be news in your world, it certainly is in mine, and very very happy news!

Congratulations, PKR – you have been through some amazing adventures in your lifetime – this is bound to be the best one!