I think Bangalore has finally managed to achieve a new level of badness – complete incompatibility with me. :(

I have noticed, over the past few years, that everytime I travel out of Bangalore, my allergies, sinusitis and frequent attacks of the sniffles just disappear. But as soon as I land back here, I am sneezing again.

Case in point – on the 19th I was all day in Delhi. Over the days before this trip, I was suffering badly, but the second I wasout of Bangalore, all symptoms simply disappeared, only to re-appear when I landed back in Bangalore that night!

On the 25th, I am off to Bombay to give a keynote address at CXOlinux’s “Linux Wins” Seminar, and then again at the Delhi instance of the same event on the 27th, to impress CxOs with the need to understand and adopt Free & Open Source Software.

I am going to carefully observe how things go – and if I again see this miraculous disappearance of the sneezes, I am moving to Mysore or Goa for the rest of my life!

Oh Bangalore, what have you become?